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Lost & Found – Södra Törskogens

Since we are living here in Stockholm, we are trying to discover something new every weekend.
Usually I love to get inspired before, I check out some recommendations, articles, nice photos, take a look and my Insta or Pinterest. This way I found a beautiful valley, surrounded by mountains, green meadows, lovely red houses, simply dreamy… This place is called Haggvik.
But what if there are two villages in Sweden called Haggvik?!:)

Of course being so typically US, out of two places called the same way, with the chance of 50% success, we have managed to find the other Haggvik. Yeah, I know…but believe me, was almost impossible to do research before, seemed like the place everybody uploads pictures about, but nobody writes any kind of directions.


So back to the beginning, we arrived to “one of the Haggviks” that actually still belongs to the Stockholm area.
Being lucky in this unlucky situation, the good news was that we happened to find ourself next to a huge nature reserve. That’s being such a Swedish thing, parks, nature reserves, forests are basically everywhere, all around you, so you can not make a huge mistake when feeling like taking a walk in the green.


We ended up enjoying a half sunny, half rainy, fun & tiring hiking day in the Södra Törskogens naturreservat.

Of course, me with my “never give up” attitude, I didn’t give up trying to find the original place I wanted to go to. Took me a couple of ours to accept that no, we are really not even close to there.


But thinking back to this day, I feel I was looking for this idyllic magical place I saw on the internet… and I didn’t get what I wanted. But I’ve got beautiful memories hiking all day around a bright blue lake, spending quality time with my boyfriend, laughing, smiling and ending up practicing some yoga. Honestly, it was a perfect day, wasn’t it?:) x




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