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Littlest things


I always remember how much I liked the wonderful ethereal landscapes in the movie, Avatar. I was dreaming about living in a planet like that, how it would be to experience all those magical natural creatures.
But you know… time to time when everything is peaceful around me, I’m out in the nature, the sun is shining and I just listen to the sound of my environment, let my eyes wide open, empty my mind… And I just start to see.


I start to see how wonderful our Earth is, and it is at least as magical as those fantasy movies, or even more.


I noticed how often we see things from a negative, grey perspective and feeling too busy focusing on our every day problems and challenges.


I’m not telling you can be a full-time hippie who is meditating all day long and don’t care about anything else, unless you win on the lottery. (what I’m pretty much focusing on lately;))


BUT, it’s really important to find moments for us. To see the littlest things that surround us, to get out from the box and start to enjoy the soft green grass, stare the blue sky and take a deep breath of the air that smells like spring flowers. I think, that is what called to be alive.


I hope you enjoy the pictures I took on my terrace, I’m so proud and happy to have all these beautiful flowers! x


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