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“it’s free”


“a fire can be any shape it wants to be. It’s free. So it can look like anything at all depending on what’s inside the person looking at it. If you get this deep, quiet kind of feeling when you look at the fire, that’s because it’s showing you the deep, quiet kind of feeling you have inside yourself. You know what I mean?”


I was reading a couple of Murakami books lately and actually after finishing one, I can not stop myself starting an other from him again and again. There are so much truth, depth and inspiration that I find in them.


Right now I’m reading “After the Quake”, where all of a sudden those few lines I’ve started this post with, just caught my attention. I had to read it again. Even a few pages later, I simply had to turn back, and I knew I want to share it with you.


When I was thinking about what pictures I should use with this quotation, I randomly ended up checking my Isle of Barra photos from 2011. I felt so emotional when I started to open them one by one.

Sweet misery. That’s what it was. I fell in love with the scenery, the nature, the atmosphere, that lifestyle. I loved the long walks, hiking up on hills and biking around the island. But on the other side I had so many things in my mind, outstanding emotions, unclosed stories, and I was standing on the edge of a lot of changes.
But still, when I think back, it was perfect, it was all I needed.

I love those moments when everything makes sense. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, my heart is so full of happiness. Simply happy and grateful for all the memories and all the things coming up…

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