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International Day of Happiness


We can be horrible in finding reasons why we are not completely happy.
Have you ever told you would be happier IF:
-you had more money
-better job
-a boyfriend/girlfriend
-more friends
-more time
-less things to worry about

Nothing is perfect and never will be.
But there is always a reason to SMILE:

-it’s spring and today was amazingly sunny (at least that part of the World:))
-but anyway rain can be great too, makes you think about life and deeper things and perfect to have a hot cup ot tea and a good book.
-you were lucky enough to have the chance to see the sunrise this morning and you were still on this Earth to enjoy the sunset.
-the night is just in front of us. Look up at the sky and stare the starts, appreciate the peace and silence.
-don’t want to enjoy silence? Go have a beer. Go to a party. Enjoy a cool concert.
-honestly… doesn’t matter what you do, just do it with passion, prepare your favorote pancakes if you feel like, or watch your favorite movie.

Just spend one tiny little second feeling grateful you are alive, because that’s what really matters. Doesn’t matter what happened yesterday and you have no clue how’s your tomorrow, but your real life is happening today…
Don’t miss participating in your own life!;)



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