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Inspiring Iceland (and pancakes)

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Today was a dark, cold, rainy day that made want to sleep all day. So it was kind of frustrating that I couldn’t really enjoy my bed as I had to wait for the alarm guy to fix the system. The good news is that my apartment is now safer than the National Bank, but my mood stayed blue and lazy.
The most I did today was preparing pancake breakfast, pancake soup for lunch…. and actually I had few later as snack… No comment. Really. My diet is so much not working lately. I eat burger, or bacon, or pancakes… or all these together!:P

But at least I’ve started to run every second day on my treadmill. I enjoy it a lot and switch me off. But it makes me more hungry, so I eat more… Means, that I’m just getting more and more fat, instead of turning into a fit pool model, haha, just joking!:P

And I’m working a lot on my upcoming Iceland & Faroe Islands journeys. There are really so many things to do and organize. To plan, to find out everything…Especially that I’m not interested in typical tourist trips. I want to adventure, discover and enjoy every seconds!:)

Here are some cool inspirational videos about Iceland, very amazing ones!
In case you think you are not a Northern person, check them out!;)

MADE IN ICELAND from Klara Harden on Vimeo.

This Is Iceland from O Z Z O Photography on Vimeo.

And some lovely songs from Icelandic musicians!
Highly recommended!;)
I’ve already experienced listening to Sóley and Pascal Pinon live! Fantastic memories!

  • I’m so glad you found me and I found you – I love Iceland!! I’ve been exploring there and Norway the last few years and love it!! Unbelievable place!! <3

    • Oh wow, that’s so cool! I’m really happy too that we found each other’s blog!
      I’m in love with Iceland! And Norway, you have been travelling there, that’s amazing! It’s an other country I feel like discovering! I have been only to Oslo so far. It was lovely, but feel like visiting the Northern parts!
      Have a nice day! :)

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