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Inhale, exhale


Buddha was asked,
“What have you gained
from meditation?”
He replied “Nothing!
However, let me tell you
what I have lost:
anger, anxiety,
depression, insecurity,
fear of old age and death.”

I’m all the time craving for moments that I can spend in the nature, forgetting about the concrete jungle and the tired depressive faces.
It makes me a bit sad there are not so many calm places within Budapest, most of the green spots are just full of people during the weekend.

Luckily we could still enjoy some peaceful moments with boyfriend at Kopaszi gát (Kopaszi Dam) which is one of my favorite places for a picnic or just to lie in the grass and enjoy the Sun. Couple of years ago it started to become popular and they did some efforts to make it a nice green waterside park.

Everytime I have the chance to spend a day in the outside, I feel my batteries are refilled again and I can continue my week with new energies and inspiration.

Doesn’t matter how busy we are and if we have the woods next to our home, or just a tiny public park, it’s important to find peace and harmony… to breathe. To inhale the future and exhale the past… x



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