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How to become a Stockholmer

Currently we are spending our 6th day in our new apartment, in a new city of a country we have never lived before.
This is our brand new life with so much new impressions that we are just floating on both marvelous and frightening ambivalent waves of feelings.


Very first impressions?

In Stockholm every corner there is a park or even a mini forest. Some of the nice green spots we consider as huge beautiful meadows, are not even marked with green on the map.

Is it surprising that almost everybody is blond or wants to be blond?

Swedes are well dressed people, stylish, but not provocative at all. Feels like they believe in “the less is more”. Simple and elegant, that’s what I would say.

Smoking doesn’t seem to be popular, instead they are crazy about snuff. I guess that’s true for Nordic countries in general, but no idea why…?! Don’t want to disappoint anyone, but don’t think it’s too much healthier or toothsome. But at least Stockholm is almost a smoke free city compared to Budapest.

They are all about organic, raw and vegan, but don’t pay too much attention on sugar free. (Oh, why?!)

People seem to be nice, but pretty cold and distant for the first sight. Luckily we’ve met some exceptions too. (So there is hope;))

Swedes are super fit and sporty, everybody has a bike, and their bike road system is very very impressive.
Everybody is running like crazy, oh and selling protein EVERYWHERE! Protein bars, protein shakes, protein powder, protein pudding… Really anywhere, even in automats at metro stations.


90% percent of the Swedes are walking all the time with headphones in their ears and chit-chatting on the phone while they are traveling from A to B. And if they are not talking on their phones they are being connected to the internet, because it’s absolutely obvious here to have unlimited 3G. That’s why they are looking weird on us when we are at a cafe and asking for wifi code. There is no wifi.

Last, but not least: Swedish cats are big. Fat. Fluffy. And acting just as cold as their Hungarian relatives. ;)

And us? Me, boyfriend and the cats? We are trying, experimenting, exploring, sometimes struggling, but loving our choice so far. Finding our way in a new country is not easy, the tiny problems like where to buy a broom or how to pronounce the name of the place we live, how to find the products we got used to at home and how to prepare coffee on the induction cooker are basically taking our energy sometimes. These are the things you don’t have to deal with at home. But, hey, we are stepping out of our comfort zone now. It’s hard, tiring, but it’s so much worth it!

Here we are, day 6, on a sunny Monday afternoon. All alone, but on the doorstep of breathtaking new adventures. And we are ready to become Stockholmers! x


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