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Golden Circle

I’m back from my Golden Circle tour which was absolutely great!
I don’t tell I haven’t seen anything more beautiful while I was at the Western part, but seeing a geysir, a 6500 years old crater, Gullfoss waterfall and the Thingvellir national park… is definitely a must when you’re visiting Iceland. Most of the tourists who come to Reykjavik do that trip, so they can get a taste of the country. I didn’t want to miss that out of course.

Actually at first we started to pass by places I visited before when we were driving to Arnarstarpi, so I was a bit disappointed first, but later on I totally fell in love with the Geysir, so I’m glad I had that lovely sunny afternoon.

We were 6 at the group, luckily that’s good, I  don’t like those huge buses full of people. They were quite nice, at first it was hard to make them talk, but later on they were friendlier. Except one annoying women who thought that she is the most clever person on Earth and I went crazy about her questions to the tour guide. Every single minute she had something to tell or ask and of course she did that in a very intellectual way. :P
But the old Canadian couple was very very lovely.

The tour guide was a pretty young short haired blondie. Oh, I loved her hair! So, don’t be surprised if I come home short haired! ;)

Later on, most likely from home, I’ll upload looots of photos with description. Now I don’t have the time and energy to do that. I just want to give a bit of taste of my journeys.

It took us 7 hours to do the whole tour, I loved they didn’t mind stopping frequently.

And here are a few interesting and/or funny things I heard today:

– If you get lost in a forest in Iceland… Just stand up! :P
– There are 90.000 horses in the country and they are those special mini types.
– When we were in Laugarvatn, the tour guide told us it’s quite a busy town.
Then she told, there are 200 people living there… So you can imagine how busy it is! ;P
– For a few thousands of people they have 200 churches!! Every farm has an own church.
– Playing golf is getting popular in Iceland, it costs 10000 – 20000 ISK (~18000 – 37000 HUF) a day.
– 5 people have died in car accident this year
– There are so few crimes only, that the court has time for cases like at a divorce who gets the dog. :D
– Almost everyone in Iceland have a story about elves and trolls.
The tourist guide herself believes she experienced meeting with them when she was a teen.
– In Iceland they have 13 Santa Clauses. They are the kids of trolls.
So children here get 13 presents before Christmas, or if they were bad, they get potatoes instead.

That was all for today, time to rest as they managed to book me a trip for tomorrow instead of the one that was cancelled.
So time to go SOUTH!:)




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