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Generous Malta

I still owe a few travelogues belong to last year.
Actually I’m very proud as I had 7 amazing journeys!
But usually I’m just too busy enjoying the moment and making the most of my trip, that I just end up missing to post anything on my blog.

Although to tell about amazing places, I guess it’s never too late, so here I am with some pieces of Malta…

In 2013 I already spent a few days in Malta & Gozo with my boyfriend and it really had a good impression on me. The moment we left, I promised myself to come back as soon as possible.
And so I did it, one year later, almost same time, beginning of November.
Now I wanted to show my Mum around and it became a “girls only adventure”!:)
Have to tell you, it was one of the best trips ever!

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It’s not only the sunny weather, the smell of the sea, the cozy little villages and amazing food, but the kindness, open-mindedness and generosity of Maltese people simply impressed us!
They often say that people living somewhere South are always happier, funnier and takes everything easier. I both agree and disagree, it doesn’t depend only on that. During my trips sometimes I met extremely rude people in Southern countries and the friendliest, most helpful ones at Northern places. Means, there is no rule.
But about Maltese people so far I can only tell the best.

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I love the mixture of cultures, you definitely feel the English influence, everybody talk fluent English, but the same time the architecture makes you feel that you are back in time. Back in time, but in a very good, magical way.


I had the feeling that everybody seems happy no matter how rich or poor they are or what’s their job.
The bus drivers are talkative, having fun all the time and extremely helpful. We were unsure or lost a few times and they gladly helped us with patience. They greet every single person and say bye with a big smile. Happened not only once that after we got off, they were waving us like we were friends!

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I believe it tells a lot about a country how they act with animals.
It’s true there are countless homeless cats, but what impressed me the most that they build them “mini villages” with tiny houses, plusses, covers and food.
They’re trying to make their life better. Almost every corner we found some plates with some well-fed kitties. And you know, that’s what makes the whole difference. Not to be blind. Maybe the situation is far from perfect, but at least they open their eyes and do their best. We could learn a lot, at least here in Hungary…


Every single abandoned cat matters and every little help counts! If you want to help this tiny “cat village” which is on the photos above, you can contact:
And of course the food…:) It’s not too often that I give up my sugar-free diet for something, but if you are in Malta, DO NOT forget to visit the place called CUBA in Sliema! Amazing milkshakes, the best one is definitely the Ore. The pizzas are something fantastic too, although this time i was a bit disappointed not to find my favorite pistachio pizza on the menu.


But enough words, here is a pic dumping, hope you’ll enjoy!:)

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I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Malta and if you haven’t been there yet, you’ll find a way to visit there it in the future!
Me, wishing to have the chance to return for the 3rd time as soon as possible, because there is lot more to discover!


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