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Enjoy the Ordinary!

“Joy comes to us
in ordinary moments.
We risk missing out
when we get too busy
chasing down
the extraordinary.”
-Brene Brown

I guess by now everybody had written their posts with their summary and all the New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, first of January, 2nd, 3rd… days have passed by and I just couldn’t push myself to sit down and write. I guess it’s because I haven’t even yet shared all the fantastic adventures that happened to us in the last couple of weeks and months, so how comes writing a list of all the new things I want to do? Secondly, maybe this is the first year of my grown up adult life that I don’t have an exact list in my mind about all the things I want to fulfill. Of course there are places I want to visit, projects to work on, but honestly, I just want to be happy. I don’t care in what form it comes, but the only thing I truly want to feel is happiness, to know that I’m alive and wishing for wonderful miraculous moments that are connected together and slowly writing the story of my life. The only thing I want to feel end of the day, that I was using my time the best way I could.

You don’t necessary have to be busy every single second to have a productive life, sometimes staring the falling snow is the best way you can live that moment. And that is what I’m wishing for myself for 2016, to be brave enough to let myself get lost in the tiny ordinary moments and stop chasing the extraordinary. Find some magic every day, smile a lot, deep talks, crazy jokes, good movies, spend time with my old and new friends, daydreams under the blanket, colorful creative projects, lots of cuddles and spooning, fresh air, green fields, getting lost in the woods, discover new wonders…and just be. I’m not what I was yesterday and not what I’m going to be tomorrow. Although they can have an effect on my current personality, but can never take over my life which is happening right here, right now.

Happy 2016 to you all, enjoy the ordinary moments! No matter if it’s just a comment, a message or future collaboration, I’m always happy to hear from you! xx

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