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Energizing Soul Food


No gluten, no dairy, no sugar.

I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible for a while now which is a quite a challenge sometimes, especially in a new environment, where we have to start building up our life from scratch. So it’s really heart-warming to discover a cool, healthy place which is perfect in all the aspects I’m finding important.
Let me introduce you STHLM Raw.


Delicious Coffee Shake with Cashew milk


I’ve already found this place on the internet before we actually moved to Stockholm and it was a great pleasure to finally visit it for real.


Lovely to see there are more and more people paying attention on eating quality, healthy food without artificial colorants, preservatives, with no sugar, gluten and dairy.

Although I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, I love to try these and to be honest after the delicious lunch we had here, I thought I would be absolutely ok to live on that type of food, or at least I’m really open to try to go vegan for a month or so. Must be a relief for both body and soul.



Our tasty lunch menu. I’ve never thought this could be so good, filling and energizing.


So far I have double feeling about living a healthy lifestyle in Stockholm.
I discover more and more cafes and restaurants offering raw and vegan food, and I feel it’s definitely a growing trend here.
But when it’s about buying ingredients for home, it’s more difficult in my opinion. Normal supermarkets selling much less healthy products than in Budapest. To buy vitamins, sugar-free sweeteners, whole grain products, you have to go to special shops. Not to mention the prices. I was prepared for that and we are experiencing the expensiveness every single days, but come on, prices of vitamins just shocked me!
But hey, that’s why I’ve got a big package today from my Mum, full of healthy treats!;)


But back to STHLM Raw, I’m sure we will spend more time here than we should, but who could say no for all those delicious salads, desserts and coffees!?


Make sure you pass by for a matcha cappuccino when you are in Stockholm!:)


Check out their website for more informations where you can read their adorable story how Maria managed to get enough money to open her raw food cafe with the help of crowdfunding, and how she found her partner, Marina. Truly inspiring story with a happy end!:)

Hornstull, Långholmsgatan 11. Tuesday – Friday: 10-19. Saturday: 11-16

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