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End of part one

Yesterday my trip at the western part of Iceland had come to an end. It was truly hard to say bye to all those amazing places, the calmness, sound of birds, the cool little wooden house and my fantastic host, Birgir! I’m such a lucky one! Experiencing all these is something very special.
Good to feel that when i start something truly from my heart, than the whole universe is here to help and bring the right people, right places and the best moments into my life!

I like to feel that being brave is worth it! It definitely does!
People in Iceland are so nice and helpful!
Yesterday on my way back to Reykjavik I had to change bus in Borgarness and the driver was so nice that he took my big suitcase from one bus to the other. Then when I arrived I didn’t have a clue how to get to the centre, it took me only a few seconds to find somebody to help. On the bus I only had big money and they were not allowed to give back change, so instead he just told me, no problem, just go without ticket! How cool is that? And the host I’m staying here just allowed me to spend all my Reykjavik days at his place! So, I can say, so far it’s perfect!
Now I’m in a cafe house I noticed today, they have their own coffee roaster and right now I’ having a Columbia cappuccino. Love to discover this kind of places!:)


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