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End of comfort zone


Have you noticed, it’s hard to choose between comfort and uncertain?
It’s hard to give up something what makes you feel safe and comfortable. If you’re lucky, it’s even more. Maybe you’re happy and maybe
you are surrounded by great people and nice environment. But still… something deep inside you tells, it’s time to move on, to stand up and walk away.

I always thought, it’s better to leave when it’s a bit hard to do that, rather than waiting until you feel like escaping. Ok, I admit that my theory maybe questionable, but hey, come on! I think everyone felt it at least once in a lifetime, that with staying too long in a certain situation, ruined everything, even the nice memories. And that’s what I don’t want.

I’m proud to say, that whatever jobs or relationships I left behind, are still living inside me as nice memories. I don’t like to keep negative energies. We have to let go all the bad, and remember all the good. And the better timing we choose for leaving, the easiest is to remember the nice.


So all I want to say with this, that I’m in front of choices. Or maybe the choices are made, I only have to unfold my plans.
This is all scary. Hard to start new pages, to write something on those white, blurry papers, to jump into the unknown…
But routine and monotony kills me… I need the new, the excitement and the colours.

Without jumping into the deep, or flying high, I’m just existing. But I want to live.

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