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I’m back home, but honestly, I have to tell you all, I’m just so happy, because managed to make the most from my last 2 days!
I didn’t give up on my dream about going to Grimsey island and crossing the Arctic Circle!
It was really a special feeling and the perfect proof to believe I can make my dreams come true and if things don’t turn up the way they should, I can easily go for them again… and finally, if you are patient and strong, you get where you want to and get whatever you’d love. It wasn’t a question that it worth it!

Although the way there on the ferry I thought I die of being sea sick, but as you may found out, I survived!;)
It was a hard 3 hours there, 3 hours back… but the 4 hours I spent there were truly amazing.
The bird life is something incredible and the shades of green, the calmness… and simply knowing that you are at the northernmost point of Iceland.


And did that in the coolest way, without my jacket!! Managed to leave it on the ferry bus… But I was lucky enough, on the way there a very kind Swedish women offered me her extra jacket and on the island my nice new American friends helped me out!:) I got to know them on the ferry. That’s why I find it amazing to travel alone. You are so much more opened to meet and talk to strangers. And finally these people are the ones that make the whole journey fun and memorable!
When we were back to Akureyri, we went together for a nice dinner and had my last drink before starting my way back home next day… …but that’s an other story.
Continue soon…:)


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