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Day 4 in Iceland


Still at the Western part. Actually I should be back to Reykjavik tomorrow, but I’m thinking of longern my journey with one more day. I just wanted to make sure I’ll be back to the capital for my day trips organised from there, but on other hand I feel it’s a waste if I just spend one more whole day there instead of this amazing calm, natural area. We’ll see. I try to go with the flow. Although flow won’t take me to Reykjavik if I miss the bus what they have only once a day! :P

Today it’s extremly rainy, grey and windy. My host told me, it’s unusual and they didn’t have that bad weather in the past few weeks… So yeah, I’m lucky to experience this! ;P


But we still decided to go on a wee road trip to Ólasvík where we couldn’t get yesterday because of the blocked mountain road. Wasn’t so much easier today, we couldn’t see anything from the fog and mist, at a certain point it was very scary to be on the top of the mountain in that strong wind and don’t see anything around us. On the way  back we found some lovely walking paths, but both of us felt like staying in the car and maybe coming back later on if weather becomes a bit better.

Yesterday I forgot to tell about our day trip to Stykkishólmur. It was a great little town with all those wooden houses. Actually it’s a point where you can get the ferry to the island of Flatey. Previously when I was planning my trip I was hoping I might be able to visit Flatey, but I think it worth it if you can spend there at least a half day, so left it for my next visit in Iceland.

On the way there we stopped by lots of nice little villages and towns like Hellissandur, Rif, Grundarfjördur, etc. We were lucky enough to just pop in to Grundarfjördur at the right time when they had some kind of celebration and people were dressed up as vikings. Was quite cool.




Now I’m in the house and waiting for the rain to stop and still have a little hope to experience a bit of sunshine at the evening.

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