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Day 1: Exploring Reykjavik city centre

Back from my little sightseeing in the city centre.
Very lovely city, I’ve got a nice impression about it and especially about people. They are very friendly, open minden and ready to help. Even when I didn’t ask for help, when an old lady saw me staring at my map and being lost, she came to me and asked if she can help.

Concerning prices… If I tell that I already spent the money I thoght will be enough until the end of week, it tells everything.
Usually, not in a fancy restaurant, a very simple daily soup is about 990 ISK (1800 HUF /~6.20 EUR).
Burgers above 2000 ISK (3600 HUF /~12.40EUR)
I had a latte for 550 ISK (1000 HUF / ~3.50EUR)

I went for a free guided tour, it was really cool, the young guy told lots of interesting and funny stories about different parts and monuments of Reykjavik.
I’ll share a few later on.
Althogh it was free… of course at the end they were asking for tips if we liked it. I wanted to be nice and leave them some money, but as I had only big ones… finally I left 1000ISK. Not bad tip… :/

It was super cold, so I felt like a walking ice cube. It’s raining with some sunny breaks. And windy.

I came back to the flat to pick up my things and have a nice hot shower. I’m leaving in 10 mins and we are heading to West! Wohooo!

I won’t have wifi there except mobile internet what I’m trying not to use too much.
So, bye bye, until… who knows..;)






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