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Autumn mood & Crisp air

Autumn has finally arrived to Sweden. I was never the fall type of girl, I find more pleasure in spring and summer days, I’m in love with winter too, but somehow I never had this close relation with autumn. But I guess the place you are has a big impact on that. Cities are easily becoming grey, boring, depressive, while nature has millions of shades, all those bright colors, the crisp air, the cold bright rays of sun, the sound of falling leafs… Yeah, this is the fall I can fall in love with. Thanks God I’m in Sweden now and I have endless possibilities to spend moment outside in the nature.

naplemente2There is definitely so much special feeling in the air lately. Sometimes I’m just sitting on the bus, staring out at the window, looking at the World around me and suddenly I see so much more than what we usually sense during the fast everyday rush. I see the colors much brighter, hear the sounds so clearly and feeling so much gratitude towards everything. Sometimes I just look at the endless skies and I have random flashbacks to my past. No sequences, just moments, people, conversation, relations, things that make me smile, scenes that make me feel a bit nostalgic, but most importantly so much understanding and acceptance. I can hardly put these in words, almost unearthly emotions. 


I’m endlessly grateful that things I couldn’t understand a couple of years ago are just making sense now.  The pieces of puzzle are coming together and feels amazing when all of a sudden I see the connections.
I know it’s not the first time I’m talking about such things, forgive me if I’m repeating myself, but this is a long process, so I guess it was not the last time I felt like writing this down.



I was never particularly dreaming about living in Sweden, but now that I am here, I feel I’m exactly in the right place, in the right moment. And most importantly I can be myself.


Never try to be like someone else just to earn love, be truly yourself, even if it means you are acting weird and silly. That’s why we are alive, to be just the way we are and to bring millions of different shades to this Universe. That is how it can be entirely imperfectly perfect. x


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