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Copenhagen mini vacation

12042995_10208094132898013_807116748053825695_nJust a bridge apart from Sweden, there is a whole different World, creatively messy, vividly alive, full of personality, colors and plenty of places waiting to be discovered. Here is it in a few words and pictures, our lovely 3 days Copenhagen mini vacation.

12046815_10208091821520230_2810691081109605202_nThe time we were considering moving to Stockholm, we had all the pros and contras coming to our mind.One of the great advantage was (except that it’s up North:)) that it’s a central located city with the possibility to travel around all the nearby countries.

12004151_10208091819680184_4345392202541098778_n3 years ago I’ve already been to Copenhagen for a very short visit and I always remembered it as a fantastic memory.
We were thinking about going back together with my boyfriend as he has never been there, and I was craving to discover more pieces of this beautiful capital.
Maybe the final push was the upcoming Copenhagen concert of one of my favorite Icelandic singer, Sóley.
I’m well known for connecting my adventures with great concerts, so after finding some pretty cheap train tickets, there was no question about a mini vacation in Denmark.


12006280_10208083477591637_416631435976725175_nI’m a big fan of Couchsurfing, so we decided giving it a chance and send some requests in the hope of spending time with locals and of course, saving some money on the accommodation.
The moment before we were just about to give up and book something, a friendly Danish couple accepted our request. They were super lovely people and I believe this kind of experience brings the whole trip to a different level. Suddenly you are a part of something, you’re not alone, you belong to the country much more than you would possibly ever do without some locals.

12046688_10208091822120245_6252417336945295306_nExcept the first day which was all about crazy rain and wind, our luck has changed and the rest of our stay was dry and Sun was gifting us some rays here and there.
As I mentioned in the first part, Copenhagen seems to be a very arty, creative city, full of life and definitely less tidiness than in Stockholm and found it a bit less green too.
All together I had mixed feelings, one side of me felt like it’s a very livable place, my other side was actually happy to be back to our super tidy, clean and organized environment. In my option Stockholm is much more relaxed and calm, while in Copenhagen I felt that people are actually really alive and they’re using every cm of their environment to express who they are.

11265301_10208085648885918_555704359427544443_nWhich one is the better? I don’t think there is a proper answer for that. Every country, every city is different and having their own secrets. Wherever you go, places are full of hidden magical details and it’s up to you if you are willing to open your eyes and if you are able to understand the meaning behind the messy street art and if you hear the sounds of the enchanted forests.12039286_10208091820120195_480025354823204001_nI was very excited to go visit the Freetown of Chistiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents.
Me with my free soul, I felt like I’m in a mini wonderland for hippies. But to be honest I found it magically wonderful and tiny bit scary the same time. Especially the fact that they are so strongly protecting Christiania and their own laws that it’s not even allowed to take pictures when you are inside the town.
That was very disappointing, because all the crazy, weird street arts are so much calling for a photo.


11933492_10208094133818036_8482010705147340700_nI hope we’ll get the chance to visit back during the time we are living in Stockholm, but have to keep in mind how many other places are waiting for us. We’re hoping to spend a mini vacation in Helsinki sometime soon and for the next year there is a huge long list with Iceland, Norway, and most importantly Greenland. My fingers are crossed to finally realize this big dream of mine and be able to see a tiny piece of this magnificent country.

12003342_10208091823800287_4276448589484112644_nTill that, we have plenty of plans what to see in Sweden, our weekend adventures are just as exciting as they were the first week we moved here, and we have just booked a few days up North next to the Abisko National Park for the end of November. I’m hoping to catch some Aurora Borealis there!:)




I’m back soon with more photos and stories. It’s so hard to keep up, because we have much more trips than blog posts I’m writing! ;) Peace & Love xx

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