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Bike, sun, relax, grass, Kjarnaskógur


Today we had amazingly lovely weather, at least compared that it’s Iceland! :)) It was around 18°C, but I’m sure it felt even warmer on the sun.
I came up with the idea of bike renting, but at my hostel they told me there is no bike rental in town.
I didn’t give up, so went to ask the main information centre where they told me the same. Then when I was already on the street, the girl from the office was running after me and told, they found one.
So lucky me!

I picked it up at 12 and rented for the whole day.
I went to visit the Kjarnaskógur area which is a nice, green, woody place where you can hike, have picnic, there is a lovely play ground and camping.


I met with this friendly mini horse.:)

I found some very cool walking routes. The interesting thing that all of them was a bit different. Some of them were bright green, some of them dark and scary.



Then I found a huge picnic area where there was only me and after having my packed lunch I fell asleep. Soooo relaxing.



After coming back to the centre I had a latte at my favorite wee cafe. It’s really a cute one, although the coffee is not really anything special.:/

Now I’ve just met with my lovely new roommate (one of 8 :O) and he or she, I don’t know, couldn’t really decide…. wasn’t able to say a simple hello. Really!! Are these people just climbed down from the trees?? How is it possible that somebody just simply unable to say hi?
So, there is really nice atmosphere in the room. Oh, and nice smell too. They don’t know what it’s like to go and have a shower.

The opposite of that are those girls who even took their hair straightener!!!! And as soon as they arrived they went to make their hair!!
I like to look good too, but still… it’s too much!

But, if I survive tonight, I fly to Grimsey tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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