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Being on charger



It’s Sunday evening. Oh, no, actually almost night, but I can’t really feel the difference.

s like a 24 hours day without night. Love that.Yesterday it was still bright, warm and sunny outside at 10 PM. We went out for a bit of walking to the harbour and a bit more further. Amazing bird life, you can hear them so loud and that sound is so calming and relaxing. I have been to nice places before, and saw lots of beautiful pieces of the World, but this one seems like have all of these pieces together.

Sometimes I don’t even have to look around and I still see snowy hills, rocks, cliffs, sea and lake. Yesterday I experienced to see all these together. Aren’t these all you need? I decided I need a summer-house here! Definitely! Now I only have to win ont he lottery or become a famous artist! ;)

Today was even more wonderful!
Woke up quite late which is a shame, but don’t think I missed anything, because later on we did a lot! Started with hiking to Hellnar where we had a coffee in the cafe house I wanted to see in real so badly! It had an amazing view. You can not wish any better location to a cafe!
Simply perfect! Although they have to develop the coffees a bit.. I could help them!:) Might apply for a job next year! ;))

Later on we wanted to go to a town nearby on a way thru the hill, but actually it was blocked because of the snow. But we had a walk up there and went into a cave, called ”Singing cave”. Well, I chose not to sing, I didn’t want to frighten the elves! :P

We drove back home, I grilled some lamb and prepared fried potatoes.
After being totally full of dinner and being tired of hiking, we enjoyed the jacuzzi outside. Oh yeah, I know… I try not to seem like I’m showing off, but honestly, having a day like that, is something perfect!
Finally we finished the day with an Icelandic movie. Quite artistic one and not a lot of actions, but definitely an interesting one. It was about old people escaping from a nursing home , go back to nature and die there. Sad, but beautiful.

So far so good. I don’t know how are my upcoming days going to turn up, definitely will be different than these nice calm days here in the middle of nowhere, but I’m optimistic and hope for the best.



The only thing I know that if you never try, you never know. If you are being afraid of everything in your whole life, things won’t start happen to you. I don’t want to sound like a weirdo who is always talking about being positive and bla bla bla, but honestly, I just write what I think and what I experience. I’m really full of energy and positive thoughts now. Although we were walking all day long and I almost can’t feel my feet, I still feel like finally my battery is on charger.. :)
(Just realized I started my blog with yesterday evening, but actually I didn’t mention yesterday’s day trip to Stykkisólmur. Will tell about it later on.)

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