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Be Brave

“Move out of your comfort zone.

You can only grow if you are willing to feel
awkward and uncomfortable when you try
something new.”


Actually for today I was planning to post a vitamin-juice recipe, but the Universe had something else in mind, just found my SD card reader being broken, which makes it impossible to upload my photos.

But there is always something to write about, especially today, because I decided on stepping out of my comfort zone in a very sensitive, scary topic of mine, driving.

Have you ever felt like you trying not to pay attention on something you know you should do? Like if you don’t look at there, this something is just not existing? And it’s so much easier to postpone it every single time? If it’s winter, you tell you do it in the spring, but then April comes too fast, so you are waiting for summer to come, but then you are on holiday and you don’t want to be bothered and you just keep pushing your “must do” in front of you…

I’m a World chamipon when it’s about my driving license. Or let’s be more appropriate, my NOT existing driving license.
Here I am at 27 being super adventurous, living and traveling around outlying, middle of nowhere kind of places, being creative and courageous, living my drams and pushing everyone to step out of their comfort zone… And here it is, this tiny little thing, that is basically an ordinary task, something that is part of the everyday life (well, for most of the people, but me).


I never felt I’m particularly in the need of it. I’m living in Budapest for about 7 years ago, it’s absoultely comfortable and affordable to use public transportation and I was never the type of person who is crazy about cars and speed, etc.

But I’ve started to realise how important it is in the growing up process (yeah, I’m still not quit there yet) and me who is so keen of freedom and traveling, standing before a huge one year adventure up North, suddenly I woke up like, hey, I totally need a driving license!:)

That won’t be an easy project, I see. I have tiny bit more than 2 months left, so there is no time for trying and hoping, there is time only for hard work and commitment. But finally I feel that coming and I’m proud I’ve got into that state of mind.


Maybe I sound ridiculous for some people who did this easily at the age of 17 without any fears and anxiety, but I try to believe we are all different with different timing, interest and maturity. I had other things on my priority list, but there is no too early and not too late for anything. The most important is to evolve, to step forward and to be brave enough to move out of our own comfort zones. That is what really matters.

I’ll keep you updated!:) x

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