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As time goes on, you’ll understand.
What lasts, lasts: what doesn’t, doesn’t.
Time solves most things.
And what time can’t solve,
You have to solve yourself.
-Murakami Haruki

Where to start. There are so many things going on and to empty my mind feels harder and harder.
Right now I just want to close the door, stay at home, practice yoga, drink tea, read good books, enjoy the Sun, and just be.

I want to jump to the moment when we wake up in our Swedish apartment for the first time, preparing our very first breakfast, planning an adventure into the nature and we feel, this is it. This is the moment we were waiting for.


All the extra things between today and the day we move to Stockholm seem so pointless and tiring.

I’m trying to find balance between stepping out of my comfort zone and accepting the fact that sometimes there is nothing I can do to move things forward.


But to be more concrete, I’m struggling to get my driving license before we leave Budapest. And the more I try, the more I see I can do it, the more problems turn up. I’m all done with preparing for my highway exam, lately I do my trial exams with 99% results, I’ve passed my first aid exam, I’m all ready and free to start driving, but everything is super slow. Have to wait 1!!! month to take my highway exam and my driving teacher is suddenly all busy and postponing the start again and again.
Yes, this is the moment when I have to take a deep breath and accept the fact that I did my best and the rest is out of my control.


Not to mention all the hustle around taking our two cats with us. Papers, vaccines, chip, passport, etc, etc…

But to tell you something positive, I’m happily introducing you our Swedish apartment which is ours for a whole year! I’m beyond happy and excited to know we won’t be homeless when we arrive!;)

It won’t be easy to leave my home, but knowing that the place we are going to is looking so sweet and cozy, is helping me to take it easy and to feel that the apartment waiting for us is our home too.


The photos I was using were taken during our Portuguese holiday, will write a post about it soon!;) x

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