About - Wild Compass 4freedom

5I’m a painter, wardrobe stylist and I have also a tennis trainer diploma.
I love to try out new things, always find out new plans! My big dream is to run my own little castle hotel somewhere up North. I don’t mind if it’s Scotland, Iceland, Scandinavia, or somewhere in between on the Faroe Islands.:) I’m always on the road, I travel as much as I can, and if I have the chance to spend longer time somewhere, I’m gladly moving. That’s what I did when I spent 3 summertimes in different parts of Scotland and when I was an au-pair in a tiny village of Finland.
I like to meet new people, have fun, long talks, movie nights, big walks, discovering new places, fancy dress parties, baking & cooking, dancing around the camp fire, night swimming… and the list goes on!:) I love those little, special moments that make life more interesting!
All I know is that I want to live a life full of risks, breathe in the fresh air, and make sure one day I’ll leave this Earth with amazing memories!

“I am fucking crazy. But I am free.” –Lana Del Rey