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A sunny day in Alberobello


I’ve promised to post some details about my Italian trip, so here I am to show you a few photos and interesting facts. Let’s start with our sunny daystrip to the lovely little town, Alberobello.
It’s famous for the traditional dwellings called “trulli” declared by UNESCO as World heritage.
No wonder why, it’s such a cute place with a special character I’ve never seen elsewhere before.

Love for the first sight. You start to wander around and discover tiny streets with all these amazing architecture and have the feeling you are back in time or fell asleep and found yourself in wonderland.

We were lucky enough to visit it before main season, so there were some tourists, but absolutely bearable.
Most of these little houses were operating as souvenir shops now, but we had a short chit-chat with one of the shop owners and he told his parents were still living here.

The first human settlements should date back to the 16th century.
The “trullo” has conic roof and it’s built putting circles of stones one upon the other. On the top usually there is a decorative pinnacle. Very enthralling!

If you once get the chance to visit Alberobello, I recommend you to walk up to the little church. It’ only a few stairs you have to climb and you get an amazing view in return on the town.

It’s in the district of Bari, first time I visited this area I didn’t have the chance to come and see this little wonder, but I’m so glad we haven’t missed this out this time!







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