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Clean home clear mind – 30 day cleaning challenge



January seems like being a calm, peaceful month for me.
I only want to spend time with painting, writing, reading and most importantly to clean my apartment.
Don’t have to go too deeply into Feng Shui to know that the place you live in has an impact on you. And right now I feel my messy home has a bad effect on my life.

The more time I spend to tidy up, to clean the little corners and empty the messy drawers, the more I feel good and finally I can breathe!
I have plenty of other things to do, but right now I need an environment which is nice enough to concentrate on my work!

All my life I was a messy person and I’m not telling I try to change that, I guess that would be impossible!
But I start to see things different and my lovely, colourful, packed, chaotic apartment I used to love before is starting to seem like way too much. Although my bad habit is to collect every little useless stuff, even if it’s a used ticket, an old magazine or a the packaging of my favorite chocolate packaging!:P
Oh yeah, and that’s a pain, because when it comes about cleaning and tidy up, sometimes I have the feeling that I put things from one box to an other and end up putting back everything to the same place. But I try and I evolve, a bit at least… I think so!:)

I’ve just found this 30 day cleaning challenge at and I pretty much like it! I think it’s absolutely feasible, doesn’t seem like a hard one, but still, the end of the month you can be proud of yourself!



Actually I set down to write about my upcoming journeys and plans, but ended up talking about cleaning, how nice!:)
I hope I can hold on and my enthusiasm won’t fade away!
If any of you decides to join and accomplish this challenge, please share your experience with me!;)
Good luck! xxx



  • Ruby says:

    I love the list. Little jobs one a day. It’s not too overwhelming. I’ve made a note…. I’m sorting out to eventually move too. This year will be full of change for me. Getting these jobs done in the winter time leaves more time for fun in the spring. Think of me when you’ve got your pinnie on because I’ll probably be doing the same chore with loud misic on. Let’s get busy xxxx

    • Oh yeah, absolutely agree in doing it winter time! Usually when we start to have a nice weather, I just want to go outside and feels bad to waste time in the apartment.
      Moving is an exciting project, can bring plenty of new things to your life, but I know it’s tiring and takes a lot of time! Actually we are planning to move this year too, most definitely to Stockholm, Sweden, but we have still a lot to think about!:)
      Good luck keeping up with the list, I’m just about to go and do todays last minute cleaning!;) xxx

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