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Green tea detox water


Week after week, I love to come up with something new to keep my body fit and healthy.

This time I was trying a green tea detox water full of citrus, rich in C-vitamin.
Should I mention the positive effects of green tea?

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“it’s free”


“a fire can be any shape it wants to be. It’s free. So it can look like anything at all depending on what’s inside the person looking at it. If you get this deep, quiet kind of feeling when you look at the fire, that’s because it’s showing you the deep, quiet kind of feeling you have inside yourself. You know what I mean?”

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Make it happen


There is a lot on my plate lately. Unexpected events, questions about future decisions, pushing myself to do more and work harder to fulfill my dreams, and all the self-doubt that comes hand in hand with these things. To be honest, I think about myself pretty much as an egocentric person (in a good way, haha) and I rarely have doubts, because most of the time I just believe in the Universe, knowing that everything is going to be ok.

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Faroe Islands, the Land of Maybes


Have you ever felt like running away from the monotony and greyness of everydays? Have enough of the people surrounding you, the apathetic faces on the subway or the never ending noise and concrete jungle? Have you ever wanted to fly away to a tiny green island  where you can be alone, where you and your thoughts can relax in a small paradise?

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Citrus-Strawberry Detox Water

Orange Appeal!
I proudly announce, I’m back to regular sport and the changes I’m already feeling after two very active months of fitness, are having such a positive effect both on my body and soul.

I’m doing tae-bo three times, body-shaping twice a week, plus trying to practice yoga and running on my treadmill occasionally.
But this is just one part of the healthy lifestyle. To eat and drink properly is at least as important as sport.

My all time favorite is detox water, because they not only taste good, but have plenty of positive effects, and they are a must when you’re trying to put your body into shape before summer!

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