January 2015 - Wild Compass 4freedom

Winter Wonderland


No doubt, my favorite sound on this Earth is the sound of the sea.
But what’s the second one?
It’s the sound of snow…

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Pinterest Kitchen Week 2 – Raspberry Swirled Lemon Cheesecake


Cheesecake is my secret addiction and I can not say no for a delicious looking recipe.
And you?;)

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New Paintings: Magic Universe


In the past few months, especially November and December I was all busy with custom orders and special requests.
But January has started with less intentions, much calmer, finally I have time to deepen into my feelings and look for all those hidden emotions and start to paint from my heart.
I have started to work on a new series, called Magic Universe.
I’m still into portraits, but this time I’m using much more vibrant colors, flowers, mixed with all the magic of Mother Earth in the background.

Check out my new paintings, Night flower and Northern Light, they are up and online on Etsy!

Can’t wait to start working on new ones, more sparkle, more light, more vibrance are coming soon! x

Handmade with Love – The People’s Soap Co.

I’m in love with handmade products and eager to find more and more small businesses!
Not only because I find them much closer to nature, being environment friendly, but also because they have a personal touch.
I like to see the person behind the products I’m using. That’s the whole idea of my new interview series with Etsy sellers. I want to show you some lovely people with amazing, special, one of a kind products.

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Pinterest Kitchen Week 1 – Cinnamon Roll Pancakes



I don’t know about you but I’m using Pinterest a lot and everytime I see a foodporn photo, I immediately pin it and decide on preparing it myself!
Then there is a next day, a new delicious looking cake, a new pin, but nothing delicious on my kitchen table… Do you know the feeling?
So, not that I’m good in habits, but this week I challenged myself to bake/cook every week something I pinned on my Kitchen board on Pinterest.

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Do you have any inspiring books, films or music to recommend?

( Photo source: Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/szandart/inspirations/ )

Pink hair don’t care


Most of my friends know that I’m crazy about my hair and can’t let it be the same for too long!
My hair is a nice white canvas in my mind and not to change it, feels like wearing the same dress all my life.
Of course time to time I try to behave and let it be “natural” as much as possible, but the little evil inside me can’t resist doing some tiny changes!

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Clean home clear mind – 30 day cleaning challenge



January seems like being a calm, peaceful month for me.
I only want to spend time with painting, writing, reading and most importantly to clean my apartment.
Don’t have to go too deeply into Feng Shui to know that the place you live in has an impact on you. And right now I feel my messy home has a bad effect on my life.

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Generous Malta

I still owe a few travelogues belong to last year.
Actually I’m very proud as I had 7 amazing journeys!
But usually I’m just too busy enjoying the moment and making the most of my trip, that I just end up missing to post anything on my blog.

Although to tell about amazing places, I guess it’s never too late, so here I am with some pieces of Malta…

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The good kind of Change


Happy New Year to all the lovely people out there!
Hope you are going to have a year that you’ve wished for! With full of happiness, health, success, adventures, old and new friends, love, simple moments and moments that take your breath away!

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