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adventure time

Hello All!:)
Just a quick good-bye message before I’m heading to Iceland for my 3 weeks adventure!
I’m super excited and can’t believe this is really about to happen.
My 70 + 10l backpack is 120% full and my back is hurting already!;P But come on, for me, that’s a big progress. One backpack + me + 3 weeks… I overcame of the urge to take all my useless stuff with me.

I try to post when I can, depends on my wi-fi limitations.
But I guess, I’ll be a bit more active on Facebook and Instagram, so follow me there if you are interested!;)

Adventure time!

Peace & Love!


Tattoo Me Everywhere

Oh yeah, when I’m not thinking about my upcoming journeys… I’m thinking of my upcoming tattoos! haha
I love to be inked. I know it’s still a divisive topic, but I’m not afraid to confess how much I admire nice tattoo arts.
I don’t care how I’m going to look like when I’m 90 years old, because honestly, I don’t think it will be my biggest problem by that time.
Being at the certain age with a good self-knowledge, having a few artworks on your body with the right kind meaning, can’t be a bad thing. But I’m not here to convince anybody. I’m here to inspire and beguile you to have some fun… Maybe trying a temporary tattoo? ;)

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Countdown: 1 week until Iceland

I am getting super excited about our Iceland adventure as there is only 1 week left!
Can not believe that! Still so many things to do and organize… But of course there is always time to evoke some memories from my last year’s trip. It’s a shame I didn’t make video blog about every days of my journey, but still so much fun and emotions to watch those few ones again.
I can almost smell the fresh air and feel the rain on my skin, not to mention all that excitement and energy boost! Reminds me to be a better blogger this time and take as many photos & videos as possible and write about all those wonderful impressions.
Forgive me my funny accent and the bad quality of the video.:)

Video blogging Iceland, Arnarstapi, June 2013

Let’s just travel around this great big World

Traveling around the World

Travelling is a passion, craving to see more, to discover the hidden secrets, to talk to people you’ve never met before, to laugh like crazy and wake up in a new place with the greatest feeling inside, that today is just yours. Today you can do things you were just dreaming about yesterday and you’ll fill your day with sweet memories and learn a tiny bit more of you, about the person you really are.

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Let’s go on a Picnic!


Delicious sandwiches, homemade lemonade, waffles, iced-coffee,fruits like strawberry, grape and cherry…. All these in the fresh air, under the blue sky, lying on the grass on a sunny day… Do you know what I mean? Oh, yeah, it’s all about a perfect picnic!;)

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I wish for June…


June has started, so it’s appropriate to write an inspiring post about all the possibilities waiting for us this month!

This is my favorite time of the year. Here in Hungary it already starts to feel like summer, but not as hot and unbearable as July and August. Everything is bright and colourful. Strawberry fields, bright red cherries on the trees, some showers and thunderstorms that cool down the air, but still doesn’t feel too cold anymore.

This is the time when we start to think about our summer and planning our holidays.
This month is so full of hope, positive energy and possibilities.

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The Liebster Award


Big thanks to Jaimie, the writer of the lovely Bubblewrap and Popcorn blog, who nominated me with my blog on the Liebster Award.
I find this a pretty cool idea, it helps people to find some cool new blogs, and good for the bloggers to get some attention from new sources.
And I like the idea of answering to some interesting and funny questions of strangers we have never met in person. So why not?
But of course don’t want to force any bloggers to do the same. I nominate some blogs too, as this is the rule, but only join the fun if you feel like!

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