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Inspiring Iceland (and pancakes)

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Today was a dark, cold, rainy day that made want to sleep all day. So it was kind of frustrating that I couldn’t really enjoy my bed as I had to wait for the alarm guy to fix the system. The good news is that my apartment is now safer than the National Bank, but my mood stayed blue and lazy.
The most I did today was preparing pancake breakfast, pancake soup for lunch…. and actually I had few later as snack… No comment. Really. My diet is so much not working lately. I eat burger, or bacon, or pancakes… or all these together!:P

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Italy Album

I uploaded some more photos on my Flickr about our Italian trip, check them out, hope you’ll like them!
I promise I stop photo dumping about Italy… I let you get ready for the Icelandic & Faroe Islands ones!:)
Only 28 days left! Wohoooo!

May in Snapshots


I was a lazy girl when it came to blogging lately.
I’ve always thought as soon as I leave my day job, I’m going to have plenty of time. I can do anything I want to and I won’t feel frustrated about time anymore.
Well, well, well. No, it wasn’t true.

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Breathe in the salty air and float

Today is a hot, sunny day here in Budapest.
Basically it’s the first real summer day this year.
I enjoy the vibe of this busy city, there is always something to do, concerts, parties, new bars, or simply walking around the beautiful attractions of Budapest.
But it’s not perfect for me without the sea… I miss the salty smell, miss the wild sound , to jump into the waves and immerse, just float… I want that. I want that every single day and each day I’m spending far away from the sea, I keep missing it.

I still have some nice Italian pics for you…

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A sunny day in Alberobello


I’ve promised to post some details about my Italian trip, so here I am to show you a few photos and interesting facts. Let’s start with our sunny daystrip to the lovely little town, Alberobello.
It’s famous for the traditional dwellings called “trulli” declared by UNESCO as World heritage.
No wonder why, it’s such a cute place with a special character I’ve never seen elsewhere before.

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Why do we stay?


I’m always wondering why birds are flying back home after winter and not staying somewhere beautiful where the sea is. Why do they take that long trip, risking their life, just to be be back where they were born. They could just stay. They could find places where it’s easier to live. Where they don’t have to fight so much.

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Cocoa Coffee Mini Bundts With Cheesecake Frosting


I’ve always had a big passion for baking, that evolved into the love of preparing healthy sweets during the years.
It’s a great challenge to create something that is not only delicious and pretty, but something that won’t make you feel guilty and good for your body.
And it’s true the other way round. People always have the idea that if something was created in a new way, using healthy ingredients, avoiding sugar and white flour, then it tastes and looks horrible.

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