April 2014 - Wild Compass 4freedom

Welcome to the new Wild Compass 4freedom blog!

JACK JOHNSON (1)Frequent readers, new curious visitors,  you are all truly welcome on my site!

Thank you for being here!

If you were visiting my Wild Compass for Freedom on Blogspot before, then you know a bit about my life philosophy and the purpose of my blog.

But that’s kind of a new page of my life so I guess, the proper way is to tell you a few words.

As I always mention, life begins at the end of comfort zone.
And where is the end of my comfort zone?
Well, exactly here.

Here. It start with believing I can accomplish my craziest dreams and I don’t have to sacrifice them in the name of “normal life”.

I don’t want a boring life. I don’t want to be normal. I don’t want to forget to breathe while I’m spending my time on this Earth. And first of all, I’m not interested in just spending a lifetime, I want to live my life.

There is no point in a careful life. I want to live dangerous, because at the end we all die. But isn’t it better to die with millions of memories, than millions of dreams left unfulfilled?

With my personal lifestyle blog, I want to show, first of all to Myself, that I can do all I want, I can live a precious life and among all those good and bad days, it’s still possible to be happy.


Here, I’ll show you adventures, healthy kitchen secrets, crazy little things and stories of my life.

Are you coming with me?;)

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Matcha Pancakes


Buying matcha to prepare drinks and special cakes, was already on my shopping list, but now that I had a delicious matcha coffee latte I was so inspired to get a small bag of this wonderful green tea powder.
Of course I was so excited to try it immediately, and as it’s Sunday… it was no question.
I prepared Matcha Pancakes.

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Strawberry Pancakes


These strawberry flavoured pancakes were perfect end of my lovely weekend.

I tell you how I prepared them, but as always I would like to remind you that this recipe was spontaneously came to my mind, so I don’t have exact quantities. Be creative! ;)

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1000 Things To Do This Summer


I’ve just found this cool list which gives me plenty of great ideas what to plan for this summer!
Summer is always passing by super fast, so better to get your pen and paper ready to write your own list just to make sure, you’re not missing out anything this year!

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