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Cocoa-Muesli Pancakes


Yesterday I’ve run out of time a bit, there were so many things in my mind and actually we had a really cool weekend with lots of fun programs.
So this time #pancakesunday became pancake Monday!;)

A wonderful yummy looking pancake on Pinterest was my inspiration, but honestly finally I’ve changed so many ingredients and basically everything about it, that I guess, this is kind of a new recipe now!;)

Which life fits me best?


What if I won’t be able to do all the thing I want to do? That’s my biggest fear in this life.
There is no day this question not crossing my mind.

I was never good in choosing. In deciding. Telling what I want to do, what’s gonna be my exact profession and how I’m going to spend my days in the rest of my life.

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Sweet Nothing


Well, after a long week of work, finally I have a whole weekend for myself.
And what’s the best way to celebrate this? Well… with doing exactly NOTHING.
Basically I’ve spent my afternoon with relaxing, daydreaming, drinking strawberry milkshake, enjoying the sun and the company of my grumpy cat!:)

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Pancake Sunday #1


I guess all my friends know that I’m in love with food!:)
I enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and everything before, after and in between.
Good food always brings smile on my face.
But. I find it important to take good care about what we eat. It’s so easy to find super-duper cool looking sweets full of colouring, sugar and preservatives…

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Can you be happy 100 days in a row?


My answer is: I’m ready for the challenge! What say you?:) Yesterday I’ve found an inspiring post on the blog “A beautiful mess”. Basically the challenge is about to take a photo of anything that makes you happy every single day for 100 day in a row. I had kind of a same idea in mind for a while, but never really started to accomplish, so here is the moment to do it! I gladly say yes and join the fun!

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International Day of Happiness


We can be horrible in finding reasons why we are not completely happy.
Have you ever told you would be happier IF:
-you had more money
-better job
-a boyfriend/girlfriend
-more friends
-more time
-less things to worry about

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All about the Faroe Islands

Oh, I know, I was so bad when it came about writing lately.
I have so many things going on, I wish I could share everything with you, but I’ve just never managed to sit down, have a cup of tea and write…

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Is it easy?

I’m in love with that thought today.
Simple, but so true. There is nothing more important in life than being happy. It contains all those little details.
But I guess, we all know, sometimes it’s pretty hard to follow a simple advice like that. But it’s worth a try, don’t you think?

(Photo is from Pinterest. I don’t own it. Check out my Inspirations.)

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