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Ég anda


I’m back home, but honestly, I have to tell you all, I’m just so happy, because managed to make the most from my last 2 days!
I didn’t give up on my dream about going to Grimsey island and crossing the Arctic Circle!
It was really a special feeling and the perfect proof to believe I can make my dreams come true and if things don’t turn up the way they should, I can easily go for them again… and finally, if you are patient and strong, you get where you want to and get whatever you’d love. It wasn’t a question that it worth it!

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Myvatn area and relaxing natural hot bath


Oh, yeeeah, I managed to do today’s plan: the lake Myvatn excursion. And we only got stuck once when the car didn’t want to get going! xD Except the Glacier Lagoon, I think this one was definitely the coolest landscape I’ve seen here so far. It was exactly like being on the Moon. (ok, I have never been to the Moon..;P )

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No Arctic Circle today :(


So, basically, just very briefly I had a disappointing day!
I walked 45 minutes to Akureyri Airport to wait there 2 hours, to get the news that they still have no clue what time the plane can leave, because of bad weather conditions….
Just before 3PM I gave it up, because the one and only ferry leaves back from the island at 4PM. So not that there was no chance to take at least a wee walk in Grimsey, because I might still have done the trip if they at least guarantee that I catch the ferry. But no.
They refunded my money, but I still had the ferry ticket which was actually exactly the same price as the flight.
So, I had an other 45 minutes walk back to the centre and managed to get my money back at the information office. Actually they were really so nice that didn’t even ask for any certification, they just simply gave me the cash! That’s cool at least!

But still, I was very sad… So what else can make you happier than a huge sugary cake and a latte at my favorite cafe.

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Bike, sun, relax, grass, Kjarnaskógur


Today we had amazingly lovely weather, at least compared that it’s Iceland! :)) It was around 18°C, but I’m sure it felt even warmer on the sun.
I came up with the idea of bike renting, but at my hostel they told me there is no bike rental in town.
I didn’t give up, so went to ask the main information centre where they told me the same. Then when I was already on the street, the girl from the office was running after me and told, they found one.
So lucky me!

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South Shore, Glacier Lagoon, Akureyri

I have a lots of things to tell about, but so far so little time to sit down and write.
But now it changed, because I arrived up North to Akureyri and it seems like it’s not the most interesting town ever. ok, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be happier if it would be bigger or busier, but somehow I have the feeling that it’s too big to enjoy the nature, but too small to do anything interesting.

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Golden Circle

I’m back from my Golden Circle tour which was absolutely great!
I don’t tell I haven’t seen anything more beautiful while I was at the Western part, but seeing a geysir, a 6500 years old crater, Gullfoss waterfall and the Thingvellir national park… is definitely a must when you’re visiting Iceland. Most of the tourists who come to Reykjavik do that trip, so they can get a taste of the country. I didn’t want to miss that out of course.

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Whale watching, lobster soup, Sóley

I’m always in the move and love to feel I’m using my time in an active way.
So, yesterday afternoon spontaneously I went on a whale watching boat trip.
Although I saw a whale for a few seconds, I wasn’t able to capture it, but instead I took lots of lovely photos about dolphins. One of them was super cute and was jumping out of the water, doing different tricks in the air.

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End of part one

Yesterday my trip at the western part of Iceland had come to an end. It was truly hard to say bye to all those amazing places, the calmness, sound of birds, the cool little wooden house and my fantastic host, Birgir! I’m such a lucky one! Experiencing all these is something very special.
Good to feel that when i start something truly from my heart, than the whole universe is here to help and bring the right people, right places and the best moments into my life!

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Day 4 in Iceland


Still at the Western part. Actually I should be back to Reykjavik tomorrow, but I’m thinking of longern my journey with one more day. I just wanted to make sure I’ll be back to the capital for my day trips organised from there, but on other hand I feel it’s a waste if I just spend one more whole day there instead of this amazing calm, natural area. We’ll see. I try to go with the flow. Although flow won’t take me to Reykjavik if I miss the bus what they have only once a day! :P

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Being on charger



It’s Sunday evening. Oh, no, actually almost night, but I can’t really feel the difference.

s like a 24 hours day without night. Love that.Yesterday it was still bright, warm and sunny outside at 10 PM. We went out for a bit of walking to the harbour and a bit more further. Amazing bird life, you can hear them so loud and that sound is so calming and relaxing. I have been to nice places before, and saw lots of beautiful pieces of the World, but this one seems like have all of these pieces together.

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