May 2013 - Wild Compass 4freedom

Day 1: Exploring Reykjavik city centre

Back from my little sightseeing in the city centre.
Very lovely city, I’ve got a nice impression about it and especially about people. They are very friendly, open minden and ready to help. Even when I didn’t ask for help, when an old lady saw me staring at my map and being lost, she came to me and asked if she can help.

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Reykjavik first impression

So, finally me and my huge yellow suitcase have arrived to Reykjavik!!;)

Plane landed at midnight, then it took a while to wait for the luggage, then secuirty asked a millions of questions what I’m going to do here, where I am going to stay, how long I’m staying… Was a bit weird, compared that it’s just… Iceland! :)

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Quick review from Berlin airport

Huh, that was definitely an interesting start of my trip… I’m not even sure if I can call it interesting, it was rather the category of horrible.

We arrived about 1 and a half hours before and as I already checked in online, I thought we are really in a good time.
Then….. at the passport check they told me, I can not travel to Iceland with that passport as it needs to be valid at least for 3 more months and mine is only for around 2!!Honestly the first time the told me this, I didn’t even understand. I heard the words, but I felt it’s impossible not to allow me on the plane!!
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