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All about the Faroe Islands

Oh, I know, I was so bad when it came about writing lately.
I have so many things going on, I wish I could share everything with you, but I’ve just never managed to sit down, have a cup of tea and write…

Although soon I’ll have 24h for me and to spend it the way I want.
As I mentioned before, I’m leaving my job and starting my own projects, including writing.
Reckless, ehhh, I know! But that’s an other story.
Now I’m here to tell you some great news! First of all, it’s all confirmed, I’m travelling to Iceland again this summer. 2nd: my 3 weeks long journey will include 1 whole week on the Faroe Islands.
So I’m all super happy and excited, but have to tell I’m also nervous and stressful a bit. I though I have plenty of time to organize, but  these days I’m realizing that I’m totally late… Come on, it’s only March, and 90% of accommodations are booked!? Nobody can tell me, I started to organize in the last minute, I have more than 3 months left! So yeah, I’m in panic and all my thought are about organizing, booking, checking, reading, e-mailing, asking, organizing, organizing, organizing…
As always, I’m very accurate when it’s about travelling. I don’t want to set every minutes, but a real adventurous, eventful and memorable journey needs a lot of work.
And when everything is ready, when you found out where to stay, which part you visit, what are the must do things, then of course you can fully enjoy you journey and you can let spontaneous moments colour the trip.
That means, soon I’m able to write a travel guide of Fare Islands without visiting it actually. :D Conversations with me can include only travel costs, accommodation booking, why don’t get replies from Couchsurfing:P and of course you can ask questions about the characteristics of all the 18 islands’….;)

If you know Faroe Islands by heart, or if you happen to live there, then I guess you won’t read any new stuff now.:)
But actually now that I tell to more and more people about my journey, I keep hearing the questions…

Where the hell is it?

The Faroe Islands are located in the North Atlantic Ocean at 62º latitude North and 7º longitude West, approximately 430 kilometres south-east of Iceland, 600 kilometres west of Norway and 300 kilometres north-west from Scotland. (Now you understand why I’m in love with Faroe Islands already)
Population is about 50.000 people and the capital called Tórshavn.
Autonomy within the Kingdom of Denmark.Total area is app. 1,400 km2 .
And as I mentioned before, Faroe Islands comprise 18 islands. (I guess I won’t be able to visit all of them, right?!:D)





(Photos are from Pinteest, can be found on my Adventures board. The rest are found on Google and linked direcly. I don’t own any of these photos.)

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