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100 happy days and autumn melancholy

I guess autumn just kicked in, and it’s not only obvious, because of  shitty weather, but obvious when I look at myself and I feel like a piece of paperdoll. No energy, no inspiration, no nothing.

Not the best feeling, I tell you.

But to remember myself for happy days, I started to check out my #100happydays challenge pictures and actually it made me think,I’ve  never posted those photos here. So, here they are, hope you’ll like them, I still like this whole idea about, so I though doing a #happyautmn days or kind of.. something like that.

I couldn’t manage to display all the 100, but you can easily check them out under the hashtag: wildcompass4freedom100happydays

And you, what are your feelings about autumn?


  • Rubyflowerfairy says:

    I have found your blog and intend to spend more time reading through it.
    In answer to my feelings about autumn all I can say is I am happiest in the spring xx

    • Oh, I agree about spring!:)
      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! I was a bit lazy this summer, but I’m planning to spend more time again with it now. Cold cozy evenings with a cup of tea are kind of perfect for blogging!:)
      Thanks again for stopping by! xxx

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